Monday, April 25, 2011

Gift to my hubby 10 years ago~~~~

One of the pages of the note book, which I gave my hubby as a Christmas gift on 12/25/2001. Time really flies! It took me more than one year to finally finish this note book, drawing little figures on the corner of each page. :) I had such a crush on him, who was my classmate at that time, but was too proud to tell him (not afraid nor shy, but "proud". As I firmly believed that it should be the guy who took the first step). So I started to draw this notebook, when we started talking on the internet. via BBS, actually. I remember my heart jumped each time I heard the "a-oh!", which was the reminding sound of an incoming message on BBS. I put so much efforts in drawing all the little figures (with a regular fountain pen), every single one of them. This one on the bottom left is my favorite, which I drew according to a little card that I found somewhere (the pink one next to it). It looks almost like I lined it on the original picture, but I did not. I simply looked at the card, and "copied" it on the corner of the notebook! It is the sweetest picture I have ever seen!  
Wish my hubby a nice dream in England! Miss you and love you!  

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